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When it comes to choosing a local funeral home or cremation service in New Hampshire to handle the services of a loved one, it can be a difficult task during this time of grief and loss. If possible, you should take a few moments before there is any need for their services to check out the local funeral home businesses in your area. You may want to do this simply to become familiar with what is available or you may decide to go with pre-arranged funeral that take care of all of the arrangements in advance so that when the unexpected occurs the family will not have to worry about making the arrangements themselves.

New Hampshire Funeral Cremation Phone Number
 Affordable Funeral and Cremation 603-625-5777
 Anctil Rochette & Son Funeral Home 603-883-3041
 Armstrong-Charron Funeral Home 603-636-2744
 Bailey Funeral Home 603-788-3381
 Baker-Gagne Funeral Homes 603-569-1339
 Bennett Funeral Home 603-225-3517
 Brewitt Funeral Service & Crematory 603-772-3554
 Brookside Chapel & Funeral Home 603-382-2233
 Bryant Funeral Homes 603-752-1344
 Cain & Janosz Funeral Home & Cremation Service 603-623-2251
 C.E. Peaslee & Son 603-755-3535
 Chadwick Funeral & Cremation Service 603-526-6442
 Cheshire Family Funeral Home


Concord Crematorium




 Connor-Healy Funeral Home 603-622-1800
 Cournoyer Funeral Home & Cremation Center 603-532-6484
 Cremation Society of New Hampshire 603-622-1800
 Davis Funeral Home 603-883-3401
 Douglas & Johnson Funeral Home 603-898-8848
 Dumont-Sullivan Funeral Home 603-882-9431
 Dupuis Funeral Home 603-968-3372
 Durning Bykowski & Young Funeral Home 603-624-4845
 Edgerly Funeral Home 603-332-0230
 Emmons Funeral Home 603-863-2113
 Farwell Funeral Service 603-882-0591
 Fletcher Funeral Home 603-562-4541
 Fleury Patry Funeral Home 603-466-2221
 Foley Funeral Home 603-352-0341
 Fournier-Hale Funeral Home 603-745-3925
 French & Rising Funeral Home 603-497-4711
 Furber & White Funeral Home 603-356-5562
 Goundrey & Dewhirst Funeral Home 603-332-1563
 Grondin & Son Funeral Home 603-332-1563
 HL Young & Co. Memorial Home 603-934-4912
 Holt Woodbury Funeral Home & Cremation Service 603-428-3215
 Jellison Funeral Home 603-924-3511
 Jenkins & Newman Funeral Home 603-237-4311
 J.N. Boufford & Sons Funeral & Cremation 603 625 6436
 J. Verne Wood Funeral Home 603-436-1702
 Lord Funeral Home 603-539-4339
 Kent & Pelczar Funeral Home 603-659-3344
 Lambert Funeral Home & Crematory 603-625-6951
 Mayhew Funeral Homes & Crematorium


McHugh Funeral Home

Michaud Funeral Home





 Netwon-Bartlett Funeral Home


Oyster River Crematory




 Peabody Funeral Home & Crematorium 603-432-2801
 Peaslee Funeral Home 603-755-3535
 Perkins & Pollard Memorial Home 603-435-8329
 Petit Funeral Home 603-485-9573
 Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium 603-796-2528
 Purdy Funeral Services 603-742-1017
 Rand-Wilson Funeral Home 603-643-2552
 Remick & Gendron 603-926-6500
 Ricker Funeral Homes & Crematory 603-448-1568
 Rivet Funeral Home & Crematorium 603-424-5530
 Roberge Funeral Home 603-692-3434
 Ross Funeral Home 603-444-5377
 Roy Funeral Home 603-543-3274
 Smith & Heald Funeral Home 603-673-1422
 Still Oaks Funeral & Memorial Home 603-798-3050
 Stockbridge Funeral Home 603-772-0400
 Stringer Funeral Home 603-543-3146
 St. Laurent Funeral Home 603-882-1771
 Tasker Funeral Home 603-742-4961
 Thibault-Neun Funeral Home 603-934-2408
 Waters Funeral Home 603-225-5707
 Wendell Butt Funeral Home 603-753-4991
 Wilkinson-Beane-Simoneau-Paquette Funeral & Cremation 603-524-4300
 William F. Smart Sr. Memorial Home 603-286-3132
 Zis-Sweeney Funeral Home603-882-3501

There are a number of aspects that you should look for when choosing a New Hampshire funeral home or cremation service provider. The first consideration is location as it should be close by so that there is no extra charge for providing services outside their normal area.

New Hampshire Funeral Homes

Local Owned: This is an important question as some funeral homes are owned by larger companies or corporations which may have certain restrictions on the type of services that they offer.

Member of Larger Organization: In particular, the Selected Independent Funeral Homes which sets the standards for independently owned funeral homes.

How Life Insurance or Pre-Paid Arrangements Work: Ask them to explain how your life insurance benefits will pay for the type of services they provide. Plus, they should have a pre-paid funeral plan that they should be more than happy to explain.

Funeral Packages: Most New Hampshire funeral homes have a set of packages that they include in their funeral services. The packages will vary in price around the national average of $9,000. You can check their website for the details of each package. Plus, ask them about customizing a service for your particular needs.

Cremation in New Hampshire

There are some funeral homes in New Hampshire that will offer a cremation services as well. This type of service is on average a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional funeral service with some being only a few hundred dollars. For those interested in this type of service, here are a few questions that you will need to ask.

Licensed: Cremation services require a special type of license from the state and local authorities. Be sure that they are fully covered in that area.

Price Packages: There are a number of packages that this type of service offer which start at a simple cremation with the ashes put into a plastic bag if you want to spread them in the air, on land or over the water.

In the end, choosing the right New Hampshire funeral home or cremation service requires a bit of research, looking over websites, and calling for further information about what they provide. However, by doing a little planning today, you can save your family a great deal of pain from having to make these decisions if the unexpected should occur. A little research today can go a long way towards planning for tomorrow.

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