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Dallas Fort Worth FuneralWhen it comes to choosing a local funeral home or cremation service in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area to handle the services of a loved one, it can be a difficult task during this time of grief and loss. If possible, you should take a few moments before there is any need for their services to check out the local DFW funeral homes in your area. You may want to do this simply to become familiar with what is available or you may decide to go with pre-arranged funeral that take care of all of the arrangements in advance so that when the unexpected occurs the family will not have to worry about making the arrangements themselves.

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 Allen G. Madison’s Evergreen Memorial Funeral Home  214-376-1500
 Alpine Funeral Home  817-834-4116
 Amalla Funeral Home  817-924-6400
 American Mortuary Service  800-848-8230
 Angelyss Funeral Home  214-824-5288
 ARIA Cremation Service & Funeral Home  214-306-6700
 Baker Funeral Home  817-332-4468
 Baumgardner Funeral Home  817-731-8400
 Bean Massey Burge Funeral Home  972-975-5000
 Biggers Funeral Home  817-237-3341
 Black & Clark Funeral Home  214-823-1306
 Blessing Funeral Home  817-473-1555
 Bluebonnet Hills Funeral Home  817-281-8751
 Brown Owens & Brumley Family Funeral  817-335-4557
 Brown’s Memorial Funeral Home  972-254-4242
 Calvario Funeral Home  214-946-8165
 Calvary Hill Funeral Home  214-357-5754
 Calvary Memorial Funeral Home  214-398-7777
 Carrillo Funeral Home  214-388-3300
 Cedar Crest Place Funeral Home  214-942-3162
 Charles W Smith & Sons Funeral Home  972-562-7788
 Clark’s Serenity Funeral Home  214-942-7372
 Clayton Kay Vaughan Funeral Home  817-783-3062
 Crown Hill Memorial Park & Mausoleum  214-352-4481
 Dallas Jewish Funerals  972-424-1141
 Davis Funeral Chapel  817-429-3441
 Distinctive Life Cremations & Funerals  972-238-7011
 Donnelly’s Colonial Funeral Home  972-579-1313
 Emerald Hills Funeral Home  817-572-1681
 Eternal Rest Funeral Home  214-421-9906
 Forest Lawn Funeral Home  214-953-0363
 Forest Ridge Funeral Home  817-285-7777
 Golden Gate Chapel  800-760-3980
 Golden Gate Funeral Home  214-941-7332
 Greenwood Funeral Home  817-336-0584
 Gregory W Spencer Funeral Home  817-531-8666
 Grove Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park  214-388-8887
 Guardian Cremation Society  817-293-8477
 Heavenly Gates Funeral Services  972-240-2121
 Hillcrest Mausoleum & Memorial Park  214-363-5401
 Hughes Crown Hill Funeral Home  214-350-9951
 Hughes Funeral Home  214-388-0444
 Hughes Jefferson Chapel  214-946-5133
 Jaynes Memorial Chapel  972-298-2334
 JE Foust & Son Funeral Home  817-481-2525
 Jeter & Son Funeral Home  214-330-4700
 Jewish Funerals  972-424-1141
 Laurel Land Funeral Home  214-371-1336
 Lincoln Funeral Home  214-398-8133
 Local Cremation of Dallas  214-343-4040
 Lomax Funeral Home  214-428-1266
 Lone Star Cremation  817-546-0108
 Lott’s Mortuary  214-428-4686
 Love Life Cremation Center  817-222-3311
 Lucas Funeral Home  817-753-6800
 Martin Thompson & Son Funeral Home  817-292-2250
 Mayfield Kiser Funeral Home  817-568-8836
 Moore Funeral Home & Memorial Gardens  817-275-2711
 Morris Bates Mortuary  817-926-6263
 Mountain Valley Funeral Home  817-426-3200
 Mulkey Mason Funeral Home  972-436-4581
 Neptune Society  817-838-5100
 North Dallas Funeral Home  972-241-9100
 North Texas Funerals and Cremations  972-522-7887
 Old Calvary Hill Cemetery  214-357-5754
 Paradise Funeral Home  214-371-8093
 Peaceful Rest Funeral Home  214-376-3911
 Phoenix Crematory  214-350-9951
 Pipkins Memorial Funeral Home  214-428-9883
 Pleasant Grove Mortuary  214-398-8301
 Rahma Funeral Home  972-386-0383
 Resthaven Funeral Home  972-412-5195
 Restland Funeral Home & Cemetery  972-238-7111
 Rhoton Funeral Home  972-242-5261
 Roberts Family Funeral Home  817-528-1880
 Robertson Mueller Harper Funeral Directors  817-924-4233
 Sacred Funeral Home  214-376-7273
 Sandra Clark Funeral Home  214-371-2600
 Serenity Funerals & Cremations  817-207-0086
 Shannon Rufe Snow Drive Funeral Chapel  817-514-9100
 Shannon Rose Hill Funeral Chapel  817-451-3333
 Singing Hills Funeral Home  214-371-4311
 Skyvue Memorial Gardens  817-478-6955
 Sparkman-Crane Funeral Home  214-327-8291
 Sparkman Hillcrest Funeral Home  214-363-5411
 Spears Family Funeral Home  214-879-0528
 Ted Dickey West Funeral Home  972-407-6070
 Thompson’s Harveson & Cole  817-336-0345
 Thrash Memorial Funeral Home  214-222-7800
 Troy Suggs Funeral Home  214-381-1109

 Turentine Jackson Morrow

Wade Family Funeral Home

(972) 562-2601


 Washington Memorial Funeral  214-747-5364
 West-Hurtt Funeral Home  972-223-6314
 White’s Funeral Home  817-444-3211
 Winscott Road Funeral Home  817-249-1177

Dallas Fort Worth Funeral Home 

There are a number of aspects that you should look for when choosing a Dallas Fort Worth funeral home or cremation service provider. The first consideration is location as it should be close by so that there is no extra charge for providing services outside their normal area.

Local Owned: This is an important question as some funeral homes are owned by larger companies or corporations which may have certain restrictions on the type of services that they offer.

Member of Larger Organization: In particular, the Selected Independent Funeral Homes which sets the standards for independently owned funeral homes.

How Life Insurance or Pre-Paid Arrangements Work: Ask them to explain how your life insurance benefits will pay for the type of services they provide. Plus, they should have a pre-paid funeral plan that they should be more than happy to explain.

Dallas Fort Worth Cremation

Funeral Packages: Most DFW funeral homes have a set of packages that they include in their funeral services. The packages will vary in price around the national average of $9,000. You can check their website for the details of each package. Plus, ask them about customizing a service for your particular needs.

There are some funeral homes in DFW that will offer a cremation services as well. This type of service is on average a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional funeral service with some being only a few hundred dollars. For those interested in this type of service, here are a few questions that you will need to ask.

Licensed: Cremation services require a special type of license from the state and local authorities. Be sure that they are fully covered in that area.

DFW Funeral Cremation

Price Packages: There are a number of packages that this type of service offer which start at a simple cremation with the ashes put into a plastic bag if you want to spread them in the air, on land or over the water.

In the end, choosing the right DFW funeral home or cremation service requires a bit of research, looking over websites, and calling for further information about what they provide. However, by doing a little planning today, you can save your family a great deal of pain from having to make these decisions if the unexpected should occur. A little research today can go a long way towards planning for tomorrow.


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