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cemeteryThe cemetery is much more than merely the final resting place of a loved one; it thus serves as a memorial ground in which existing loved ones, close friends, and family members can visit and cherish the wonderful memories you both shared. Just so you understand, cemeteries differ, and these distinctions reveal the cultural practices and religious values a person has. Though many people may have different ideas on how they feel if they had any thought of the cemetery, this is so because many may have encountered the cemetery with grief in their heart, while to some others they just can’t help it but smile. Here are a few of the oldest cemeteries in different regions of the USA.

  • Tolomato Cemetery

At the place of an ancient Catholic Mission, the Tolomato Cemetery was established in 1565 and even identified as the oldest cemetery in Florida. In 1565 the cemetery was located outside the city walls of St. Augustine, but at the moment it is positioned in the busy Famous Downtown region at 16 Cordova Road. Following Florida ‘s timeline of history, then for 20 years the British manage, the 2nd Spanish Period, a US Region and in 1845 being a state, the cemetery has indeed experienced many transformations with the last laid to rest in 1884. Apart from Catholic priests as well as the early Menorca’s settlers, the cemetery is the final resting place of various Florida dignitaries coupled with an unmarked grave for the 2nd Spanish Era Governor Enrique White. At present, it is behind a ferrous fence with a closed gateway. Nevertheless, the cemetery some time ago was much more substantial with graves considered to be under Cordova Road.

  • Old City Cemetery

Also referred to as the Old Methodist Cemetery, this certified traditional landmark began in 1806 as a free burying ground. It is located presently in Virginia. The 27-acre site provides a lot more than 2000 historic gravestones, historical monuments, as well as ironwork enclosures; Butterfly Garden & Lotus Lake; Chapel together with Comfort Area, designed for marriage ceremonies and special events. A garden of 19th-century planting and native architectural relics; Pest House Healthcare Museum, depicting complications in a Civil War quarantine clinic is also present. Cemetery Central, housing a business office and also a mini-museum of mourning culture;

The cemetery features a hearse house and caretaker museum, having an original 1900 horse-drawn hearse and grave markers display. Simple railroad history is depicted in the State House Museum an 1898 C and O railway depot, this section covers about 2200 graves of civil war soldiers from about 14 states. It holds some essential history of the African-American giving a simple analysis of the integration of slaves as Americans.

  • Oakland Cemetery

Established in 1853 historic Oakland Cemetery was designed to function as the significant non-denominational cemetery in the town of St. Paul. Merely minutes from downtown, it is indeed the final resting place of such notables as Ramsey Alexander, Sibley Henry, Amherst H. Wilder and also Harriet E. Bishop to list a few. Oakland Cemetery was created to be a park-like environment with groves of trees and shrubs, suitable routes together with access roads. Since it’s creation, over 50,000 persons signifying all facets of St. Paul’s life and historical past have been laid to rest within the cemetery’s elegant 100-acre environs. With these significant features such as the St. Paul Firefighters memorial, Soldier’s Rest(burial ground) as well as the granite stone structured chapel, Oakland Cemetery is a celebration of historical past along with the people of St. Paul.

In conclusion, there are indeed other old cemeteries in the United. States, however, these three got a wide range of historical events, though they can’t be entirely explored in this article.

Natural Burial

burial optionsWhy do more and more people pre-plan for a more natural burial?Natural burial can be considered as one of the best options available out there for traditional burial. In today’s world, natural burial has received much attention, especially because of climatic changes. It can be considered as an eco-friendly method of burial when compared to the traditional burial.

From the recent studies, it has been identified that a lot of people who live out there in theworld pre-plan for natural burial. Before analyzing the reasons that have led individuals towards this decision, it is important to have a clear understanding on what natural burial is. Natural burial is not associated with a burial vault, a casket or embalming fluid. The remains of a dead person are placed into the earth directly through this method. This method would create an ideal environment for the dead body to decompose in a natural way. This process is associated with the least impact on the environment. In some cases, the dead body is placed inside a simple burial shroud or a biodegradable casket. During natural burial, heavy equipment or machinery is not being used in order to dig the grave site. In fact, the grave sites are dug through hands.

Plenty of reasons are available for the people to pre-plan for a more natural burial instead of traditional burial. People who live out there in the world are extremely concerned about the impact that is created on the environment by human beings. As mentioned earlier, natural burial has the ability to create minimum impact on the environment. If you are a person who is looking forward to minimize the carbon footprint after death, you must go for this option. On the other hand, some people think of natural burial as the traditional method available for burial. Before the commercialization and industrialization of funerals, dead bodies were buried using this method. By making the decision to go ahead with natural burial, you are taking a step to follow the footsteps of our ancestors.

Caskets are made out of a variety of toxic materials. When the remains or a person is buried along with a casket, those toxins would get leaked into the environment as it decomposes. The decomposition process isn’t a carbon neutral one as well. It would take a considerable period of time for the casket to break down into the soil. In most of the caskets, you will be able to find metal parts such as hinges and handles. They can slow down the time taken towards decomposition. On the other hand, a large amount of energy is being wasted during the process of manufacturing and transporting caskets. They can give life to a considerable amount of carbon emissions.

People who are concerned about making this world a better one for the future generations therefore think about going ahead with natural burial. If you also share the same dream, you can start pre-planning for it.

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