Cemetery – Burial

cemetery plotThere are many things to consider when choosing a cemetery plot for you or a loved one. Choosing a cemetery is an important choice since there are many factors involved in terms of personal and societal convenience and other issues.

Cemetery Burial Options

Before choosing a plot for a cemetery it is important to research the ones near you and make comparisons between them considering the following vital questions:

  • What is the cost of the plot and is there any additional fee associated with it?

This is an obvious question when you are making large investments. To get a complete idea of the total costs, it is important to understand any additional fees as well. Considering the structure of pricing, you can then analyze if it is high or low depending on the additional facilities it might provide. Sometimes you may come across a lower fee at the start only to be heavily charged later in other forms.

  • What are the different options available?

The cemetery plots are usually available in a variety of sizes in different locations. Depending on the price of the location, if they are in an attractive area, they will cost more. The size can also vary from a small plot to a fully- fledged burial chamber area.

  • Is it a real burial plot?

Do not fall for tricks like a land being sold which is behind some shed or similar. Make sure you purchase a plot that justifies the price for it in terms of both size and location. Any additional facilities is obviously preferred.

  • Costs for operating the grave?

Do remember that the activity of opening and closing the grave is indeed a lot of work and the costs for it must be compensated by the incomes. Whether the cost is included in packages or as separate fees, it is essential to know them beforehand.

  • Are there any maintenance costs?

If these costs are present, do know upfront whether they are a one -time fee or have to be paid annually.

  • The person responsible for maintenance?

Some cemetery plots have a separate person to help maintain the site whereas the others might require the family to commit to doing so.

  • Any restrictions on the casket usages?

While the FTC gives you the right to choose the casket you want to use, some sites may pose restrictions. For instance, cemetery sites who have committed to going green might only allow caskets made of eco-friendly materials and a few others might demand the casket to have a vault and a liner.

Make sure you consider all the factors before choosing a plot to avoid any bad situations later.

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