Emergency Medical Info for First Responders


Who should emergency helpers and professionals contact to get you the help you need as fast as possible?

Here are some valuable tips provided to us from our friend Dave Savage.

Most people carry virtually no contact information that emergency helpers need.

Keep one:
♦ in your wallet
♦ in your vehicle
♦ in the hands of family and friends who are on the emergency support team list

Make one for family members who travel with you.  (i.e., You are on your way to pick up your kids or grandchildren when you have an accident. Who should be notified right away?)

• Add the categories of helpers that you have: family attorney, care givers,etc.

• Include where you have end of life documents stored and who may have duplicate copies.

• You need both printed and electronic information in as many forms and places as possible.

Given to you by The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia and The Memorial Society of Georgia.
FCAGA.org and MemorialSocietyofGeorgia.org
Both help you and your family make informed decisions.

This information is also in the GoodStuff section of the DaveSavage.com website, to cut and paste as a starting point for your family’s EMERGENCY SUPPORT NOTIFICATIONS.

Cremation Urns

cremation urnsMost people today are cremating their loved ones to cut down funeral expenses. On the other hand, when cremating a loved one, an appropriate consideration must be given to the cremation urn. This is not such an ordinary jar or container; it will be the jar for carrying the ashes of someone close or a loved one. A cremation urn could be a place to maintain the memories of the deceased one for a long time.

When shopping for cremation urns, you certainly will discover various types to choose from. These are generally made by means of different materials which are usually determined by the type of memorial made. For this reason, the means of getting the perfect choice for loved ones can prove to be a complex process. Nevertheless, this definitely does not need to be the situation if you know the various types on the market as well as what purpose they are designed to serve. Some of the well-known types you ought to be on the lookout for when shopping for cremation urns are:


Artistic Urn

These are unique besides they usually are hand made by professional craftsmen. In many instances, they are remarkably expensive because they are one of a kind; on the other hand, they display a substantial sense of individualism. However there might be two shaped in a similar design and style, they really cannot possess the exact same appearance which explains principally as a result of this reason that they are the popular option among individuals that desire an awesome not to mention unique look.

Keepsake Urn

When compared with regulation urns, they are usually smaller. It is for this reason that they are regarded as suitable for families residing far apart and also that are concerned with holding a part of their loved one’s memories or remains. On account of their distinct size, every member of the family is allowed to possess some ashes from the remains. They are in fact significantly less costly as the artistic ones.

Religious Urn

These are cremation urns which have spiritual symbols and illustrations, for example, David’s Star, half moon, the cross or angels. Although these are assumed ideal for men and women who have led religious lives by means of their lives and are seeking for a way of returning to this faith upon their demise. In most situations, the deceased person demands use of such before their death.

Picture Urn

An image or a picture urn is an excellent way to present a favorite photograph of the deceased. This style of urn appears almost in the same way as a photo frame; however, it comes with the secret section where the cremation ashes of the departed are generally stored. The image of the deceased is seen on the very surface of the urn. The image to be used on the urn could be sometimes laser etched on the urn itself or perhaps positioned in the frame with a fitted urn in the back. In a nutshell, a picture urn is a wonderful way to accord tribute to a departed soul.

Aside the above listed there are quite some others such as pet urn, theme urn, veteran urn, infant urn and a few others that could match your exact need.

Taking into consideration these options, it is easy to understand that the process of choosing cremation urns is significant. This is simply because it goes a long way in conveying your feelings to and even the respect you have for the diseased party. It is as a result of this that it is considered essential to finding out more about urns before making your decision.

Cost of Funeral and Cremation

The average cost of a funeral in the US is roughly $9,000 to $10,000, although the number varies considerably depending on the type of funeral. The average cost has risen considerably from just a decade ago when it was around $6,000. The cost of the average funeral includes, but is not limited to the following;

– Service – Coffin – Transportation – Plot – Flowers – Headstone – Vault Protection

The service can be conducted in a chapel which is usually rented even when at the funeral home or graveside. There are different types of coffins that are designed to resist the intrusion of underground insects and animals as well as being made from different materials. Vault protection is additional protection around the coffin that is designed to keep out the water, insects, and other intrusions. The headstone does not have to be ordered immediately, but is generally part of the funeral costs and usually ranges from $1,000 to $2,000.

The actual plot is usually the least expensive depending on the cemetery with some going for as little as $100 to $200. Other costs such as flowers, printing of the programs, and a priest or preacher leading the service are optional and may add a few hundred dollars to the overall cost of the funeral.
There are a number of ways to save money when it comes to funeral expenses. One is to skip the service at the chapel and have it at the grave. This will save on rental fees and reduce the costs noticeably. You can also cut out the flowers and have the funeral director or someone lead the service for free. It is true that the main cost of the funeral which includes the coffin or casket is something that cannot be avoided, although you can choose the least expensive model.

However, the most obvious and often used is a cremation service. A cremation costs a fraction of the money compared to a funeral with many funeral homes offering the service for a few hundred dollars. However, a cremation is exactly that, the disposal of the body without any plot, burial, headstone, service, flowers or anything else which includes the urn. You can find urns at local retail stores for around $50.