DCNThe passing of a loved one is an emotional time and a pre-arranged funeral plan that has already been put in place is a tremendous, thoughtful gift that provides relief to those you care about most during such a difficult period. One of the benefits to planning ahead is that you are able to customize your funeral to ensure that all final wishes are known and that your personalized memorial service will happen just the way you want it to. All industries are subject to inflation and signing up for a pre-arranged funeral also locks in your costs at today’s prices which can end up saving you and your family a lot of money. A funeral or memorial service does not have to be a solemn occasion. For many folks, they prefer to view it as a celebration of life!

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If you are either planning for the future, or looking for a  funeral home for a loved one, you have to find one that suits your needs in order to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Most of the time, any funeral service provider will have the services you are looking for, but you also have to make sure that they provide to your area, have the religious services you want and any other relevant information. Here are a few easy tips to help you find the right funeral and cremation provider.

Years ago people never really thought of cremation as a viable choice after death. Families bought burial plots and had a traditional funeral complete with visitation at the funeral home and church service on the day of burial. Nowadays, people are choosing cremation as an option for many reasons. The stigma associated with being cremated and put into an urn earn to be kept by a loved one has dissipated about as quickly as the appeal of being buried in a traditional cemetery.

local cremationCremation is More Economical: Cremation is less expensive than a traditional burial. You can expect to spend upwards of $5,000 just from the services of the funeral parlor including embalming and casket, when you opt for a traditional funeral. This doesn’t take into consideration the burial plot, the church, or any other service you may need. Cremation on the other hand costs about one third of this price. There is no need to purchase a burial plot if you are cremated because a loved one can keep your ashes with them or they can sprinkle your ashes in accordance to your predetermined will. If you live in another part of the country from your family, cremation is a viable alternative that allows you to be buried in a family plot in another part of the country or world. It is a lot less expensive to ship cremains that it is to ship a body in a casket.

Cremation is More Environmentally Friendly: This is probably the last thing on your mind when thinking of burial, but cremation is much more environmentally friendly than traditional funerals. The traditional way of treating a body pumps it full of chemicals to preserve it. With cremation, there is no need to do this. The body is incinerated and the ashes collected in an urn. The urns are even environmentally friendly with choices made out of recycled and even biodegradable materials. If you choose to have your ashes scattered in a special place, you don’t have to worry about the impact of ashes on the environment either.

This is one of the main reasons beyond the price that help people to decide on cremation. Many people do not see the appeal of being buried in a cemetery for eternity. The thought is that once the person is dead then there is no reason to preserve the body and bury it. The same purpose can be met by cremating the body and putting the ashes into an urn. If the family is set on a gravesite, then the ashes can be added to a burial plot, but a smaller one can be used which will also save money. Many religions are now allowing members to be cremated whereas before this practice was frowned upon. There are even memorial gardens being set up for members of the church who choose this option.

Connecting You and Your Family to Local Funeral and Cremation Providers

Clancy Palumbo East HavenClancy-Palumbo Funeral Home has been proudly serving the East Haven and greater New Haven communities for over the past 68 years. Our commitment to serve all families with the highest standards of respect, integrity, and superior service has allowed us to create and continue enduring relationships. Clancy Funeral Home is dedicated to serve you and exceed your expectations. We offer full service burials, full service cremations, and direct cremations. As part of our 100% service guarantee we will assist with military honors, flowers, monuments/inscriptions, cemetery plots, catering and all other items or special requests.  Located in New Haven, Connecticut.


Valhalla Funeral CremationValhalla Funeral Chapel Crematory & Cemetery
The staff members of Valhalla Funeral Chapel, Crematory and Cemetery will guide your family in creating a meaningful ceremony to honor the life and memory of a loved one. A ceremony can be anything you wish it to be: simple or elaborate, traditional or unique. No matter how it’s tailored, such a ceremony is an important step in recovering from loss. We invite you to discover who has made Valhalla Funeral Chapel, Crematory and Cemetery the ultimate provider of creating healing experiences in the community. Located in St. Louis, Missouri.


Affordable Cremation SolutionsAffordable Cremation Solutions
We opened a cremation establishment because we believe that cremation prices in North Florida are simply too high.  With that thought in mind Affordable Cremation Solutions was born. We understand that there is no way we can remove the pain felt when a death  occurs in your family but that there are some things​ we can do to help soften the blow. Located in Jacksonville, Florida.


Heritage Funeral CremationHeritage Funeral Home & Cremation   We are a full service Funeral Home with cremation services and a 180 acre private cemetery. We have three locations. Indian Trail, Weddington, and Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC. The staff members of Heritage Funeral & Cremation Service will guide your family in creating a meaningful ceremony to honor the life and memory of a loved one. A ceremony can be anything you wish it to be: simple or elaborate, traditional or unique. No matter how it’s tailored, such a ceremony is an important step in recovering from loss. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Pre-Arranged Funeral

The death a loved one can never be easy, is it sudden or occurs on the heels of a persisting health condition. A growing number of people are learning that there is undoubtedly a way to soothe the tension and burden on their loved ones utilizing working with funeral homes to plan the service themselves. Since the trend of pre-planning goes on and on to extensively, its actual benefits are increasingly becoming apparent. The following addresses three highly substantial benefits and reasons why you really should begin with the pre-planning funeral process regardless of the age.

Benefits of Planning Your Funeral Ahead of Time

Feeling Relieved

There are many critical benefits of pre-planning your funeral service. Primarily, pre-planning relieves you of the stress of thinking about your funeral service, finances, and personal wishes. You’ll in all likelihood discover that you can relax comfortably knowing that the necessary arrangements have most certainly been taken care of, irrespective of your overall health or age. In addition to the above benefits, pre-planned funeral grants a mental composure to your loved ones after your passing. At your demise, your beloved ones must come to grips with your passing. While they mourn, it can at times be challenging for them to make decisions concerning the funeral service and burial ceremony. By pre-planning the necessary arrangements, you are in a significant way alleviating the pressure and burden of your demise off your loved ones.

Ease Financial Burden

It’s entirely accurate that the demise of a loved one can place a financial burden on the surviving family members or whoever is left to handle the funeral service or rite. Pre-paying for the arrangements isn’t mandatory when you pre-plan; however, it is always, suggested you do. If you decide to cover the cost of the casket or cremation expenses ahead of time, together with the other essential payments, you’ll definitely in a significant way make things somewhat less complicated for your loved ones when the time comes.

Making Your Wishes

Pre-planning your funeral arrangements grants you the opportunity to communicate your final desires, aspirations, and wishes. It is possible to prepare as few or as much information relating to your preparations as you want. For instance, you could desire to have specific flower decorations at the service or perhaps you may wish to have the Catholic funeral rites which include certain passages of Scripture. Pre-planning your funeral can give you the opportunity to tweak the whole ceremony based on your taste.

Lastly, these few points should be kept in mind if you are thinking or considering using the prepayment plan and they are:

Inquire if you are paying for goods and services or probably both.

Know about their refund policy, in case there is a change of mind.

See also if another funeral service provider can make the arrangements in cases where you have to move out from the area.

Getting an insurance to cover the risk of folding up of the funeral provider.

In conclusion, let it be known that making your funeral preparation before your death does not in any way hasten the process since death is inevitable why shy from it? We all are going to die one day, a day we do not know, why not prepare for it.